Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Question. - Why is my almost 4 year old not talking yet?

I get asked many questions by parents.  It is part of the service we provide to try to provide answers to those questions.  I thought I would write a series of posts containing the more interesting of those questions, so that other people who are experiencing similar difficulties can refer to them.

This is a question I was asked by a mother this morning.  -


" Why is my almost 4 year old not talking yet? He makes allot of sounds and trys to say some words, but for the most part he does not any true words.  He has been in speech therapy for almost a year but has not showed much improvement.  He is a very happy and smart child.  He just want talk.  I am beginning to think something medical may be the cause.  He has seen doctors and has passed hearing screenings.  I was wondering if there are any other medical reason that impairs speech."

Answer. -

What you need is to be able to place this problem in the context of a global developmental assessment. Only then will you truly be able to ascertain if there is a problem and what might be causing it. There are many reasons for lack of language development and impaired hearing is only one of these, so the fact that he has passed hearing tests, merely eliminates one factor.  For instance, there are several vital precursor stages to language development, which you would not think were even connected to it and if he has missed one or more of these stages, well then the stage could very well be set for language and communication problems.

For example, some children do not develop the ability to make eye - contact or become attracted to looking at faces. Some children for various reasons do not develop a good level of phonological awareness (a grasp of the sound system of spoken language). There are many more reasons why a child might have difficulties.

If you are worried and you clearly are I would suggest you consult the Snowdrop website and book an initial consultation so that we can begin to identify what is causing this problem and how we might successfully address it.

Hope this helps..


Ingrid said...

Oops Perfect this comment, I wish i could tell this parents30 years ago we have been also anxious that or sun, 4 y , could not speak, the only thing he madewere some noices, but i kept talking. I hoped his talk-center functioned as an sponge.
And i made it a pleasure time. for him and me. After a wile i started to sing-say, and then later we started with learning reading, also on the same moment with our younger children. And then on a good day all of them could read talk and made music, and indeed there came moments that i wish they were quiet, but the sound of their voices and music made me very happy

Snowdrop said...

Thanks Ingrid. You did all the right things, instinctively. Exposure to vocabulary was what was necessary and that is what you did. Fantastic!