Monday, 29 April 2013

Moving Away from Autism on the Snowdrop Programme.

This little boy, who has a diagnosis of severe Autism, has been following the Snowdrop programme for just over a year.  His sensory processing problems were so severe as to preclude him from leaving the house.  His language was very delayed, his interactivity, just wasn't there and consequently his social abilities were severely curtailed.

One year into the programme and his language is near normal, he is interacting, socialising, (to the point of being able to enjoy going to his friends birthday parties and his sensory processing issues have been resolved.  As you can see and hear from the video below, he can also sing, (he is singing 'happy birthday' to me, - this was the most valuable gift I could possibly receive).


Anyone wanting to learn more about the Snowdrop programme, should email