Monday, 2 September 2013

Overcoming Cortical Visual Impairment.

This little girl was diagnosed as 'legally blind' two years ago.  She had what is known as CVI, (cortical visual impairment, - a situation where the eyes are working as they should be, but the brain is unable to interpret the visual signals).  After 2 years on the Snowdrop programme, here you see her using her vision with an eye-gaze computer.  What her doctors had diagnosed as CVI, was actually incorrect.  Snowdrop staff soon realised that she was experiencing 'visual hypersensitivity' - a situation where the sensory thalamus is over-exciting the visual cortex and consequently visual signals are perceived as 'amplified.'  This leads to the child becoming 'visually defensive' and consequently appearing 'not to see' at all.  It took Snowdrop 2 years to tease out her visual abilities and to 're-tune' this hypersensitive system.  There are a great many children with such mistaken diagnoses, which is such a pity, because they could certainly be helped by the Snowdrop programme.

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