Monday, 21 November 2016

Global Developmental Delay, (but catching up)!

This morning, amid all the flooding and in an ever decreasing dry area at Snowdrop as the water spread across the floor, we welcomed back a 2 year old little boy who has global developmental delay. However, that delay is gradually decreasing and he is a different little boy than the one I met three assessments and almost a year ago to the day. In the last twelve months, his visual development has increased by 12 months, his auditory development has increased by 11 months and his hearing has improved to the point where he needs the sensitivity of his hearing aids reducing. His tactile sensitivities have disappeared and consequently he has gross motor development has improved from the 5 month level, - not being able to sit or crawl, to the 12 month level, - being able to sit, crawl on all fours, pull himself to stand and to stand albeit very briefly alone! In language development he has gone from simple vocal play to triangulation and is bordering 'scribble talk' and his hand function, especially left hand function is improved dramatically, to the point where the left hand which was really lagging behind, now seems to be his dominant hand at times. Socially he is a bright, interactive, playful little soul. A joy to see, especially amid the despair of the rising flood!

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