Monday, 25 April 2016

West Syndrome. - A Family Fight Back on the Snowdrop Programme.

Today we saw a little boy with West Syndrome for his first reassessment and wow has he made progress in every area of development! 

When we first saw him, he was 10 months old and visually he was operating at the functional level of a 4 month old.  Now, he is 17 months old, which means he has been on the Snowdrop programme for 7 months and is operating visually at the 12 - 14 month level.  In terms of auditory development and comprehension, he has progressed from the 4 month level to the 9 month level.  Tactile perception has transformed from being grossly under-sensitive to being normal.  He has gone from sitting to crawling on all fours and also high kneeling.  He is beginning to try to pull himself to stand. His hand function has gone from basic reaching and grasping to having a sophisticated pincer grip in both hands and both hands working cooperatively. His social development is now age appropriate. 

It just goes to show that even against the flow of genetic expression, progress can be made!

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