Sunday, 9 September 2012

Green tea and it's effects upon neurogenesis.

With thanks to 'Medical News Today. This looks interesting!   The chemical within green tea, (EGCG), seems to affect neurogenesis, (The production of new brain cells during life, - which only occurs in the hippocampus, - the part of the brain responsible for learning and part of memory formation). However, the evidence suggests that EGCG can turn these new cells to various uses in the brain when the researchers discovered that

"ECGC helps to promote the making of neural progenitor cells, which are similar to stem cells which can turn into many different kinds of cells."

This has immediate practical implications for the treatment of brain injured children and will be incorporated into the Snowdrop programme with immediate effect. (We shall be recommending caffeine free green tea of course).

Green Tea Improves Memory and Spatial Awareness.