The Distance Programme.

The Distance Programme.

Due to an increasing number of requests and in recognition of the fact that many families are unable to travel vast distances in order to obtain treatment for their child, whether due to practical constraints, financial constraints, or other reasons, I am now offering the 'distance programme.'  The distance programme works in the following way.  If a parent were interested in using Snowdrop's services, but felt unable to attend a conventional comsultation in the UK, they should write or send an email, briefly outlining their child’s condition.  I would then ask them to fill out a detailed developmental questionnaire.  When the questionnaire has been analysed, I would then make any further enquiries necessary and ask any supplemental questions I may have.  When I am satisfied that I have acheived a good understanding of the child's difficulties, whether the child suffered profound cerebral palsy, autism or other developmental difficulties, I would then devise a programme of developmental activities based upon the information gathered.

It is stressed that it is then the responsibility of the parents to gain approval for the programme from their child's doctor, so that he may suggest amendments to the suggested activities in light of any medical problems the child may have. 

It is also stressed that the preferable option is to attend a full developmental evaluation in the UK, however I do appreciate that parents may find that the option of a 'distance programme' makes treatment more accessible to them.


Important Note.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that some unscrupulous people have taken the distance programme without paying, I am now forced to ask for payment when parents return the developmental questionnaire, prior to the evaluation of that questionnaire taking place.  I do not like having to do this, I prefer to trust people and indeed I know I can trust most people.  However, for every family who refuse to pay, this threatens to limit my ability to offer treatment to families who genuinely cannot afford to pay.  Snowdrop has never refused treatment to a child whose family cannot afford to pay and this measure is intended to ensure that we remain able to do this.  I apologise to all the good, decent families out there who are affected by this.