Saturday 6 October 2018

3P25 Deletion Syndrome.

3P25 Deletion Syndrome. - Today we welcomed back a two year old little girl for her second
assessment. She has an exceptionally rare genetic disorder known as 3p25 deletion syndrome. This is so rare that since the first person was reported in the medical literature in 1978, only around 50 people with a 3p25 deletion involving no other chromosome(s) have been described in the medical literature. Today after 10 months on the Snowdrop programme she had made some very significant developmental gains. Her visual ability has moved from the 4 month level to the 12 month level. Her auditory development has moved from the 8 month level to the 18 month level. Gross motor skills have improved from not even sitting, to standing against furniture, - she is well on the way to developing a standing balance. Language has moved from the 7 month level of babbling, to the 14 month level of possessing two words of speech, - 'dada' and 'go.' Socialisation has moved from the 8 month level to the 18 month level. It just shows that genetic expression can be fought against. Well done to mum and dad who have brought about this dramatic change!

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