What Parents Say

Below are just a few testimonials from parents who have used my services.  All comments can be verified by the parents concerned.

  • I am a huge fan, you helped my son to see
  • I have learned more about Cerebral Palsy from you than any other doctor / researcher in the world
  • People like you Andrew do make a difference. You are definitely one in a million. :)
  • Andrew's advice and suggestions just seem to work. I think because Andrew takes the time and takes an interest in every child he deals with.
  • I've had the privilege to speak to one of Andrew's families who did the program with their son. What a testimonial - I can't wait to start this program with my son.
  • Andrew, thank you so much for the fantastic information and program, you have given more help than any we have had from a neurologist in 5 years.
  • Thanks to your advice my son slept last NIGHT for the first time in 2 months!!
  • The work you do in Snowdrop will benefit children all over the world forever.
  • Andrew's program for my son diagnosed with autism has helped him so much!
  • Yipeeee, lots of thanks to Snowdrop, after 2 months of hard work on Andrews program my son has started to walk on his own, he managed to walk around toys-r-us on his own!! it must have been the temptation of all the toys! Thanks Andrew!!
  • After 12 months on programme, I have a different child.  Before he wasn't connected to our world and didn't interact at all.  He couldn't walk and couldn't talk.  Today he is a walking, talking totally interacting little boy who is equal to his brother in every way.
  • My son never communicated with us. He would speak the odd word to his favorite toy and never made eye contact.  He now looks us in the eye and speaks fluently.  Thanks.