Wednesday 12 September 2018

Infantile Spasms.

It never occurred to me, up until it was pointed out today that I don't include updates for our children on the distance programme. So here goes one. Over the past few days I have completed the third distance reassessment on a 22 month old little girl who suffered infantile spasms. When we first started the Snowdrop programme she was 11 months old and already age appropriate in visual development, but did have a strabismus and poor magnocellular processing. She is now just above age level with an improving strabismus and normal magnocellular processing. Auditory development was just below age level and now it is just above age level. In terms of gross motor skills, she is now showing signs that she is ready for us to start developing a standing balance and her language is now at the level where she is producing 'scribble talk' and beginning to try a few words. Fine motor development which was at the 4 month level is now touching the 15 month level and it was great seeing her trying to build with blocks and feed herself with a spoon. Social development is not far from age appropriate levels. She has made some nice progress in the last year. Well done!  

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